Established 1974

313,000+ clients worldwide 

17,000+ markets 

The essentials

Your money is held in segregated client bank (independent trust) accounts at regulated banks

Your money and assets (shares and turbo warrants, for example) are never merged with our own money or assets

We comply with strict regulatory requirements when handling client money

Your assets are held by a custodian in segregated (nominee) client asset accounts

Your money and assets are ring-fenced from creditors in the unlikely event of our liquidation

We don't use your money or assets for business activities, including for hedging trades with other counterparties (or as margin for our own hedging trades)

What does ​Suisse Brokers do with my money and my assets?

Unlike banks, investment firms like ​Suisse Brokers are required to separate client money and assets from their own resources. This means that we’re not allowed to use them in the course of our business activities, and that client money and assets are completely ring-fenced and protected in the unlikely event that ​Suisse Brokers became insolvent. 

The ​Suisse Brokers have strict regulatory requirements, known as the client money and client assets rules (found in the Client Assets Sourcebook – CASS), which govern exactly what we can do and how we must do it.

The only clients whose money and assets aren’t treated like this are professional clients (such as other financial firms), or eligible counterparties who have signed a legal document explaining how their money and assets are held differently (this is known as ‘title transfer’).

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